Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Video Preview of Artist’s Magazine (Nov)!

Watch a video preview of The Artist’s Magazine‘s November issue below. The November issue features artwork from some of the most prominent artists working today! These paintings are only a preview, so make sure to pick up the issue for inspiration and tips to use in your own practice.

Watch the Video Preview of The Artist’s Magazine’s November Issue:


If you enjoyed this video preview, make sure you pick up your copy of The Artist’s Magazine’s November issue on newsstands, through our North Light Shop, or download a copy for your iPad or e-reader!

Five reasons to read our November issue cover to cover:

You’re tired of the same old surfaces. Maybe you want to give marble or drafting film a try??
You believe the best time for making art is in the most artistically free years of our lives: old age!
Card catalogs never left your book-loving heart. Artist Vickie Moore is reinventing them.
Digital art has always seemed like an “other.” Learn all about it in this issue!
You want to read about the more inspiring, best artists of our day.

Featured Artists:

Olga Antonova, Lauren Airriess, Gilles Beloeil, Costa Vavagiakis, Frank Francese, Marilyn Banner, Niki Berg, Vickie Moore, Candice Bohannon, Julio Reyes, Robert Liberace, and Alitha Young.

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