Friday, October 16, 2015

Announcing the Winners of the 17th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

The number of entries for this year’s Pastel 100 Competition came to a total of more than 2,300. That’s a lot of paintings. And a lot of pastel talent. Our category jurors had some truly hard work to do, but their deliberations are now over, and we are pleased to announce the names of the winners in the 17th Annual Pastel 100.


We will have reproductions of all the prizewinning paintings, as well as artist interviews and juror comments in the March/April 2016 issue of Pastel Journal. Until then, we offer our congratulations to the following award-winners for their outstanding achievement in pastel:


Pastel Journal Founder’s Award in Memory of Maggie Price ($5,000)
Alan Larkin
Pastel Journal Award of Excellence ($2,500)
Manual Rodrigues Almeida
The Ruth Richeson Pastel Gold Award (pastels and surfaces valued at $2,000)
Kathleen McDonnell
Richeson Pastel Silver Award (pastels and surfaces valued at $1,500)
Daud Akhriev
Richeson Pastel Bronze Award (pastels and surfaces valued at $1,000)
Arlene Richman

Landscape & Interior Winners (Juror: Terri Ford)

  1. Nancy Nowak
Maria Marino
Helen Kleczynski
  4. Luana Luconi Winner
  5. Elaine Monnig


Landscape & Interior Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Zhu Wenlin
Willo Balfrey
Brian Sauerland
Barbara Jaenicke
Svetlana Ballot
Tony Allain
Alain Picard
Kate Bergquist
Jacob Aguiar
Karen Suponski
Dennis Rhoades
Jennifer Evenhus
Paul Murray
Anna Wainright
Linda Mutti
Joanne Burney
Jeanne Rosier Smith
Janne Tangney
Kay Brathol-Hostvet
Susanna DalPonte
Astrid Volquardsen
Diane Grguras
Mark Brockman
Stan Bloomfield
Nancie King Mertz
Pat Meras
Christine Troyer
Portrait & Figure Winners (Juror: Mario Robinson)

  1. Daggi Wallace
  2. Daud Akhriev
  3. Angel Luis Gonzalez Agudo
  4. Roberta Combs
  5. Vittorio Dangelico


Portrait & Figure Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
David Wells
Kevin Bae
Christine Swann
Gwenneth Barth-White
Cherie Nobilette
Michele Poirier Mozzone
Daggi Wallace
Cuong Nguyen
Tina Spratt
Yael Maimon
Wu Xiaodong
John Philbin Dolan
Lisa Ober
Leslie Roberts-Gregg
Still Life & Floral Winners
 (Juror: Robert K. Carsten)

  1. Kathy Hildebrandt
  2. Robin Frisella
  3. Anne McGrory
  4. Irene Georgopoulou
  5. Angela A’Court


Still Life & Floral Honorable Mentions 
(in no particular order)
Courtney Young
Jill Jill Stefani
Brenda Salamone
Liz Kenyon
Nancy Marshburn
Isabel Romero
Maryann Mullett
Yael Maimon
Iwona Broniszewska
Luana Luconi Winner
Jan Frank
Animal & Wildlife Winners (Juror: Mike Beeman)

  1. Sharon Bamber
  2. Julia Browning
  3. Aline Ordman
  4. Sandra Willis
  5. Dawn Emerson


Animal & Wildlife Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Steve Morvell
Yael Maimon
Walter Stanford
Julia Lesnichy
Linda Wacaster
Lesley Harrison
Angela Carmen Griehl-Gross
Meghan Bacso
Nancie King Mertz
Tina Moore
Abstract & Non-Objective Winners (Juror: Barbara Benedetti Newton)

  1. Frederick D. Somers
  2. Bernadette deCasare
  3. Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna
  4. Colette Odya Smith
  5. Barbara Szkutnik


Abstract & Non-Objective Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Kathryn Fehlig
Mel Grunau
Sabrina Stiles
Jennifer Evenhus
Marcia Holmes


Please note: The number of honorable mentions per category was determined by the number of entries in the category and adjusted to reflect similar ratios. For example, the Landscape + Interior category received the most entries, and includes the highest number of honorable mentions.

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