Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Past Is Present | Linda Carey Landscape Gallery

Linda Carey combines geometry, simplicity and light to evoke a sense of Old World timelessness in her pastel landscapes of sun-drenched ruins, stuccoed walls and elegant public spaces. Her streamlined pastel landscapes, particularly those of her beloved Italy, reveal an underlying structure that reminds us of the classical world. When painting her subjects in the softly slanting light of early morning or evening, Carey trusts the lively, active nature of pastel to re-create the luminosity of shadows, the brilliant blues of Mediterranean skies, and the subtle color variations of stonework and tile.

“Buildings satisfy my taste for structure and a clean, straight line,” Carey says. “I love playing opposites against one another: contrasting the organic forms of trees, clouds and the topography of the earth against a hard, ruled line.”

Learn more about Carey, and see how she puts a modern spin on timeless European scenes, in the December 2015 issue of Pastel Journal, available in print or as a download at, and on newsstands November 10.

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Forum Dusk_Pastel_Linda Carey |

Forum Dusk (pastel) by Linda Carey

Chateau Studio_Pastel_Linda Carey |

Chateau Studio (pastel) by Linda Carey

Rome Fountain_Pastel_Linda Carey |

Rome Fountain (pastel) by Linda Carey

Santa Maria Nuova_Pastel_Linda Carey |

Santa Maria Nuova (pastel) by Linda Carey


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