Thursday, February 11, 2016

Home Simple Home with Acrylic Artist Cary Reeder

Cary Reeder employs custom colors and a minimal approach to evoke feelings of home. In the Spring issue of Acrylic Artist, we showcase seven of Reeder’s paintings, inspired by the homes she finds in her neighborhood. Here, we share with you five more paintings that capture that place at the intersection of the familiar with the unfamiliar. Immaculate shapes, pristine lines and a mysterious sense of shadow transform the houses Reeder presents to the viewer.


Cover Me, Cary Reeder Acrylic Artist

Cover Me (acrylic on canvas, 34x 40) is an example of a painting that, while aesthetically simplified, took a long time of mixing and remixing colors to achieve its seamlessness.

Doublewide, Cary Reeder, Acrylic Artist

Doublewide (diptych, acrylic on canvas, 52×75 and 52x 60) is the largest and most ambitious painting the painter has undertaken to date. A corner diptych, it was used to fill a large space in a gallery in the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, where Reeder had a solo show.

Gridlock, Cary Reeder, Acrylic Artist

The varying hues, both calming and desolate of Gridlock (acrylic on canvas, 40×30), recall the swathes of blue in oil paintings by Richard Diebenkorn who is one of Reeder’s main influences.

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Jaundiced View, Cary Reeder, Acrylic Artist

Jaundiced View (acrylic on canvas, 38×30) is a rare example of a work Reeder originally painted in a smaller scale to work out the complex composition. The artist usually jumps to a large canvas once a design is in place.

Privacy Please, Cary Reeder, Acrylic Artist

To create Privacy Please (acrylic on canvas, 48×36) Reeder blew up the photo’s proportions to paint a closer image of the window and the intriguing shadows on the curtains.

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