Monday, February 1, 2016

Natural Rhythms with Acrylic Artist Marcia Burtt

Marcia Burtt uncovers the world’s hidden patterns in vibrant canvases.

In the spring issue of Acrylic Artist we feature landscape artist, Marcia Burtt. In the feature story Natural Rhythms, we take a close look at this acrylic artist; exploring her painting techniques, her dedication to preserving the landscapes she pays homage to in her works of art and her fascination with color and the patterns of nature. To read the her story with seven additional works of art, order you copy of Acrylic Artist today at


Goleta Beach King Tide Acrylic Artist Marcia Burtt

The end-of-the-year high tide creating reflections in the wet sand is capture in the painting, Goleta Beach King Tide (acrylic on linen mounted on gatorfoam, 17×34).


Quiet Evening on the Slough Acrylic Artist Marcia Burtt

“After a day of painting, I took this odd-sized piece I’d cut off the end of another painting and focussed simply on the line of bushes and trees following the water,” Burtt explains. Quiet Evening on the Slough (acrylic on portrait linen mounted on gatorfoam, 6×18)

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Summer Afternoon Acrylic Artist Marcia Burtt

For Burtt, “Nothing is so hard to paint as masses of flowers, bushes and trees.” Truncating the tops of the tree on the left and the mountains in the distance in Summer Afternoon (acrylic on portrait linen mounted on gatorfoam, 15 3/4x 23 3/4) helped communicate a sense of awe.

West of Town Acrylic Artist Marcia BUrtt

Burtt repeatedly passed this falling-down metal barn in the middle of nowhere. She gave in and spent a couple of mornings painting West of Town, (acrylic on stretched portrait linen 24×40). Shortly afterward her friend reported that the barn had blown down.


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