Monday, February 8, 2016

Painting With Acrylics: A “Napa Red” Landscape

Today’s newsletter is short and sweet–just a bite of what you’re missing if you haven’t read Acrylic Artist (Fall 2015, specifically; it’s part of a special bundle that includes a unique hanger to hold your wet acrylic paint brushes). The following painting is Preston Craig’s Napa Red, and it’s so eye-grabbing that I’m sure many of you are already staring at it and aren’t even reading this introduction. 😉

The following is from an article featuring paintings that “immediately transport the viewer to a specific place on the planet or season of the year.” Read “A Place in Time” by Patty Craft in Acrylic Artist for even more paintings that will whisk you away, all helping you to better understand painting with acrylics.

Painting With Acrylics: A "Napa Red" Landscape |

Napa Red (acrylic on canvas, 24×30) by Preston Craig, who says, “Artists see with their eyes, heart and soul, and create based on their own personal story.” (Pin this!)

Preston explains how he created this spectacular acrylic art: “This is part of a series of landscapes I created to explore the possibilities of utilizing a split complementary color scheme,” Preston says. “I used Photoshop to rearrange some of the elements in a photo for a better composition, and then I created an 11×14 value and color study. My value study was used for the finished sketch on the canvas, and then I selected a split complementary color scheme for my palette. I use a Masterson covered palette and keep the palette in the refrigerator between uses. When mixing my colors, Liquitex Slow-Dri and Golden OPEN Acrylic mediums are added, which helps to keep the pigments fresh over an extended period of time.”

As you can see, Acrylic Artist brings you both inspiration and instruction for painting with acrylics. Get this issue and the brush hanger here today for a newly reduced price, and begin your next masterpiece with guidance from the experts.

Dreaming of Napa,
Cherie Haas, online editor
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