Thursday, March 17, 2016

Acrylic Artist Toolkit – Cary Reeder

The spring issue of Acrylic Artist includes in-depth information on several acrylic artists, including their painting techniques and life as working artists. Wanting to learn even more about these fascinating artists, we asked them to give us a look into their toolkit. Here is what acrylic artist Cary Reeder has in her toolkit:

Privacy Please, Cary Reeder, Acrylic Artist

To create Privacy Please (acrylic on canvas, 48×36) Reeder blew up the photo’s proportions to paint a closer image of the window and the intriguing shadows on the curtains.

Brushes – Silver Brush Bristlon, mostly #0 Round and #2-10 Bright Burnisher – Chartpak Burnisher (to burnish tape onto the canvas)
Canvas – unprimed cotton duck #12
Cutting Implement – X-ACTO knife
Easel – Saint Remy adjustable (vertical and horizontal) easel
Gesso – Daniel Smith (this has been discontinued though so I’m searching for a new one)
Graphite pencils – Tombow Mono (for preliminary sketches and additions on canvas)
Graphite tracing paper – (to transfer enlarged image to canvas) – no specific brand
Mediums – Golden matte medium (use this a lot), and occasionally Golden acrylic glazing medium
Paints – almost exclusively Golden heavy body but occasionally Liquitex heavy body acrylics.
Colors: titanium white (lots of this), ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, Hansa yellow light, cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow medium, phthalo green (blue shade)
Paper – (for preparatory drawings and tracings) – Canson Vidalon Vellum
Pens – uni-ball Vision Elite black pens (for the preparatory drawings and tracings)
Palette – Disposal white paper palette, either Dick Blick or Canson
Palette Knife – Liquitex #15 Small Palette Knife
OTHERS: C-Thru Stainless Steel Ruler, hair dryer, Color Wheel Company’s gray scale and value finder, salsa/condiment containers for preserving colors that I have mixed, Goof Off – for removing matte medium from brushes, 3M ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape and my husband’s old t-shirts for paint rags.

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