Thursday, March 24, 2016

Imagining the Old West: Graham Flatt Landscapes

Graham Flatt relies on distinctly unorthodox paint handling for his watercolor and pastel landscapes, along with the power of suggestion, to re-create the adventurous world of the American frontier. Flatt’s paintings portray a relationship between man and nature that few of us experience today. Cowboys and native Americans trek across vast landscapes. These lands are  dwarfed by mountains and forests that are beset by mysterious mists, heavy snows, driving winds and unknown threats.

“I think the Old West was and still is timeless in terms of what it can offer and teach us about ourselves and the direction in which we’re headed,” says the artist.

See some of Flatt’s landscapes below and more in the June 2016 issue of Watercolor Artist, available at and on newsstands April 19.
pastel-landscape-Autumn-Glow-pastel-18x24-2015 |

Autumn Glow (pastel, 18×24) by Graham Flatt

watercolor-landscape-Aint-No-Mountain-High-Enough-18x24-2002 |

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (watercolor on paper, 18×24) by Graham Flatt

watercolor-landscape-Late-in-the-Day-15x22-2015 |

Late in the Day (watercolor on paper, 22×15) by Graham Flatt

watercolor-landscape-Stranger-in-Paradise-18x24-2015 |

Stranger in Paradise (watercolor on paper, 18×24) by Graham Flatt

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