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Drawing Magazine, Spring 2016 Table of Contents

The spring 2016 issue of Drawing takes to the streets, examining cityscapes, architecture and other urban subjects through the work of Susan Grossman, Elizabeth Ockwell, Douglas Cooper and Ben Tolman. We also learn how to create panoramic drawings, an unusual technique that is well-suited to cityscape drawing.

We also reveal the winners of the 2015 Shades of Gray Competition, and in our Drawing Fundamentals series, Jon deMartin explains how line can be used to make your figure drawings appear convincingly three-dimensional.

The full list of articles is below. Be sure to order your copy, download the issue, or subscribe to Drawing. Enjoy!


Feature Articles

New York City Serenades
Susan Grossman stages energetic scenes of city life in her charcoal-and-pastel drawings. By Austin R. Williams

Grand Palais
Elizabeth Ockwell has spent years drawing and painting a single sumptuous building. By Michael Woodson

Drawing Magazine, Spring 2016 | Elizabeth Ockwell | Artist's Network

At the Foot of the Grand Stair, Paris Opera, by Elizabeth Ockwell, 1999, graphite, ink and watercolor, 30 x 4.. Private collection.

As Far as the Eye Can See: Principles of Panoramic Drawing
How to construct wide-angle drawings that expand the visual field. By John Roman
Click here to learn more about panoramic drawing.

Seeing It All: The Wild Rides of Douglas Cooper
There’s method to the madness of these rollicking cityscapes, which playfully skirt the rules of perspective. By John A. Parks

Drawing Magazine, Spring 2016 | Douglas Cooper | Artist's Network

Eldridge Street, by Douglas Cooper, 2014, charcoal on paper mounted on board, 60 x 48.

Drawing Fundamentals: Lines That Speak Volumes
We explore several strategies for using line to create the illusion of three dimensions. By Jon deMartin

Something in the Gray
Presenting the winners of the fourth annual Shades of Gray Competition. By Austin R. Williams

Drawing Magazine, Spring 2016 | Laura Tundel | Artist's Network

Stacy in Profile, by Laura Tundel, 2015, graphite, 10 1/2 x 9. Collection the artist. Honorable mention winner in the 2015 Shades of Gray Competition.


Material World: Crayons for Your Consideration
By Sherry Camhy

First Marks: Light Source and Direction
By Margaret Davidson

Drawing Magazine, Spring 2016 | Margaret Davidson | Artist's Network

Pencil Cabbage, by Margaret Davidson, 2016, graphite.

New and Notable: Ben Tolman
By Michael Woodson
Click here to see a bonus gallery of Ben Tolman’s artwork.

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