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Splash 18 Runners-Up

Rachel Wolf’s Runners-Up Selections for Splash 18:

Abgott, Anne – LeHigh
Adkison, Melissa – The Exhibit
Ainsworth Mout, Gloria – Sunflower Angel Surprise
Akimbo, Trowzers – Still Life with Oaxaca Coyote and Serape
Alexander, Kathleen – Two Persimmons
Anthony, Scott – Sedimentary Colorado
Armendariz, Tony – Havana Pharmacy
Baffa, Bill – Saddle Up
Baker, Sally – Sun-Drenched Solitude
Baker, Linda Daly – Double Shadows
Baker, Linda Daly – All Aboard
Baker, Linda Daly – Cascading Sunlight
Beanland, Rex – Winter Sun, Inglewood
Beard, Freeman – Almost daylight
Beesley, Terrece – Freshly Cut
Belich, Janet – Split Hairs
Bent, Sarah – Carnations & Blue Bowl
Berry Bergeron, Kathleen – Hello There
Betts, Judi – Ready to Crack
Billeci, Patricia – Catherine
Bird, Matthew – Still Life with Lemons & Crystal Pitcher
Blackell, Margo – Lunch Break in the City
Blore, Janice – Moonlight Magnolias
Bond, Denny – Essential Oils
Bonnycastle, Andrew – The Rush Hour – Toronto Streetcar Driver
Brabec-King, Cindy – Tea Seeps and Recipes
Brace Granhaug, Kimberly – All Things Considered
Brehaut, William “Daniel” – The Siting
Brown, Brienne M – Strolling Up Front Street
Brown, Helen – Faith, Hope & Charity
Buchanan, Robert E. – Marsh
Bullas, Will – Pirate
Campbell-Carter, Melanie – Amorphophallus titanum (infructescence)
Canfield, Stella – Rhapsody in Bleu
Carey, Peter – Anise Swallowtail
Chabrian, Deborah – Just Picked Apples
Chandler, Marsha – Vegetable Medley
Chapline, Cheryle – Nature’s Tangle
Chapline, Cheryle – Shades of White: Iris
Chi, Lei – Pebble Beach
Chien, Chung Wei – Aosta
Chong, Kah Wah – Manali March 04
Chow, Jansen – Morning Market
Collins, Kathy – Beach Riders
Creel, Carol – Perfume Bottles
Cretney, Brenda – 4-H Cow
cunning, kathleen – 58 eldorado
Danecke, Lawrence – Lunch Break
Davis, Barbara O’Neal – Window Dressing
Deemer, Kittie – The Intensity of a Look
Delehanty CWA, Sandy – Petal to the Metal
Dentinger, Ric – Cactus on a hot tin roof
Dentinger, Ric – Luckenbach Feed & Fertilizer
Devine, Richard – Canadian Rockies
DiNicola, Joann – Vermont Here To Stay
Dolphin, Gail – He Loves the Sun
Dutton, Richard – Winter Light
Eesley, Joyce – Hibiscus
Eldridge, L. S. – The Tooled Edge
Erfle, Linda – Capsaicin Connection
Erfle, Linda – White Tights and Giggles
Evans, Janice – April Marshland
Fechenbach, Diane – Reflections, 11 Views
Ferris, Lynn – Shadowplay
Foster, Sherry Adams – Summer Tomatoes
Fox, Ryan – Hecho en Potosi
Gackstatter, Gretchen – Green and Golden
Germany, Allyn –  Terlingua Taxis
Gerrish, Charlene – Vacancy
Giles, Kathleen – Chocolate Martini
Gill, Jean K – Inferno
Gordon, Nanc – InDepth Coleus
Granger Kerbs, Denise – Of Oak and Cane
Hammerman, Beverly – The Last Day Of Summer
Hart, Ann – Chin Up
Haynes, AWS, Richard William – MORNING LIGHT
Henricksen, Gail – The Good Life
Hibbard, Carolyn – Savannah Blues
Hill, Mike – Yellow Ribbon
Hitchens, Patricia – Travelin’ Trio
Holter, Michael – Great Scot
Holter, Michael – Blue Morning Istanbul
Humphrey, Lesley – Maya
Hyoung Jun, Lee – Way above the people
Jablokow, Peter – Calumet River Vertical Lift Bridge
James, Alan – Bar Reflections II
Jefferson, Lisa – Angles Of Iris
Jefferson, Lisa – Kale Garden
Johnson, Kie – In the Studio
Johnston, Sue – Left Behind
Jones, Rance – Playing With Light
Jones, Rance – Dos Por Sesenta
Jorgensen, Cheryl – Floating Market
Jozwiak, Bev – The Destroyer
Kakde, Vijay – Bazaar Road on Sunday
Kalin, Jean – Aglow
Keller Larkins, Kathryn – Through Security
Kent, Gregory – Just before the storm
Lai, Ze Ze – All Night Long
Lai, Ze Ze – Season’s Greetings
Lanzoni, Kathleen – White Blossoms
Lavine, Alexis – Whiskered
Lax Kozar, Nancy – Aspen Brilliance
Lin, Fealing – Anytime Sooner
Liontas-Warren, Katherine – Open Flood Gate at Medicine Park
Lowe, Cheryle – Kimberly
Magallanes, Guy – Gung Hay Fat Choy
Makowski, Robin Lee – Frank’s Southwest Treasures
malnati, francois – apples on aluminium foil
Mason, Paul – Scenic Turnout 2 South
McAllister, William – VAL
McAnally, Terry – Quiet Time
McCartney, Anne – Winter Walk
McClung, Catherine – Mid Summer Night’s Dream
McClung, Catherine – Evening Splendor
McCormack, Geoffrey – ScienceForAChanghingWorld
McDermott, Mark – Edinburgh
McIntyre, Donna – A Tisket A Tasket
McKinney, Trish – Family Stroll On 42nd Street
Meyer-Plath, Stuart – NY Flag Series_Statue of Liberty
Mondloch, Dan – Late Day Light – Duluth
Mondloch, Dan – Grand Marais Lighthouse
Montgomery, Audrey – Hanging On
Morris, Steve – Avian Candominium
Nelson, Vickie – Heads Up
nichols, r mike – Family Foto 3
Nunno, Judy – Afternoon Snack
Oliver, Roberta – 47th and Broadway
Olsen, Barbara – The Light in her Eyes
Park, Adele – Compost Cruiser
Pate, Monika – Roots
Pelissier, Sandrine – The Tree Place
Peluso, Catherine – Brooklyn Diner
Pena, Juan – Capri Village
Perez, Luis – Farnese Mailbox
Perez, Luis – House #8, Farnese, Italy
Perlbachs, Victor – Afternoon on Brook Avenue
peterson, cynthia – Fire and Ice
Peterson, Carol – Dominican Dancer
Peterson, Carol – Dominican Dancer
Petty, Jim – Portrait of Artist John Marbury
Petty, Jim – Carrie
Powell, Suzy ‘Pal’ – Days Gone By
Powell, Tom – A Moment – Cafe du Monde
Powell, Tom – A Moment
Poyerd, Jill – Backcountry Glade
Preslan, Kris – Cars I’ll never Own, #15
Preslan, Kris – Trasporto Romantico
Privitera, Lana – Winter Care Package
Purcell, Robin – After The Fire Vlll
Quick, Marion – The Burn
Quiel, Cathy – Out of Pocket Series – T-REX STAGE
Rankin, David – View of the Bhagirathi River in the Ganges Himalayas
Rankin, David – Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos in the Delhi Zoo
Reardon, Michael – Arezzo
Revino, Gwen – Reaching For The Sun
Rogone, Anthony – Glass Light
Roper, Sherry – Pomodori
Rose, Marilyn – LeaveWellEnoughAlone
Saltzman, Judy – Swimming in Circles
Schilling, Lynn – At The Lake
Shea, Alisa – The Missing Piece
Simpson, Penny Thomas – Another Blooming Cactus
Smith, Harold Dean – Changing Seasons
Smith, Harold Dean – Ancient Rudder (Santorini, Greece)
Smith, Kay – SophistoCat
Smith, Jerry – Port Clyde Autumn
Steinbach-Garcia, Teresa – Husk
Stickel, Sean – Super-Mini Colors
Stinebaugh, Diane – Bee on Purple Flower
Strohschein, Sandra – Morning Commute
Strong, Dellene – Australian Native Iris
Stubbs, Chris – Swiftly Fly the Years
Su, Kevin Mu-chen – Sunset
Sudhi, Sujit – Fifty shades of snow
Sun, Ching-Ping – A Rainy Evening in Prague
Tablante, Jimmy – Good Morning Maui
Tanabe, Keiko – Before a storm, Venasque, France
Taylor, Don – Arches of Augsburg
Thienpondt, Fernand  – White Steps to the Airport
Tse, Rainbow – Sunset Saunter
Tse, Rainbow – Forward
Tuliszewski, Carmella – Glimmerglass
Tunseth, Dee – Escalera a La Villita
Ulrich, Peter – England in the Rain
Umemoto, Diane – Autumn Light, Victoria Park
Waller, Carrie – Celebration
Ward, Marney – Butchart’s Begonias
Ward Wolford, Lois – Are You Sure
Warren, Soon – Cherries with Reflection
Warren, Soon – Baby’s breath Sprinkle
Washington, Margaret – Copenhagen Sunset
Watry, Lorraine – Bamboo and Lilies
Watson, Deborah E – The Reel Story
Weil, James – Yosemite Falls from Swinging Bridge
Werneck, Daniela – Whatever
Wheeler, Rick – Harris’ Hawk
Wight, Nicki – Zimbabwe Grandma
Willey, Herb – Swimmers on Beach Blvd
Wolfe, Monique – Cat Scan
Wolford, F Cole – Spreepark I
Yager, Pat – Autumn Gold Rhododendron
Yates, Marvin – Let Light Shine Out Of Darkness
Yeh, Cheng Fen – Dream Chaser
Yu, HsinHsin – Ring-necked Pheasant
Zhen, Lian Quan – Red Rock Creek

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