Thursday, May 12, 2016

Acrylic Artist, Kathryn Fehlig

In the summer issue of Acrylic Artist, we spook with Kathryn Fehlig about her work as an acrylic artist. In the feature we share three of her landscapes. Here, we have the opportunity to share another of her paintings and learn a bit more about this nature-inspired artist.


Bottomland, Kathryn Fehlig, Acrylic Artist
Bottomland (acrylic on canvas,10×8) by Kathryn Fehlig


Sometimes, things do not go as planned. Fehlig and a fellow artist friend had made plans to create and then donate en plein air pieces to a fundraising event at the Holter Art Museum. Fehlig found a beautiful setting, took many refrence photos and was ready to move forward when the event was canceled. Not one to let a great scene go unpainted, Fehlig created a few works, including Bottomland (pictured above).
Fehlig has this to share about the awe inspiring setting for her work, Bottomland. “Canyon Creek runs through the land and is used for irrigation of the hayfields. This view was from the porch of the main house looking towards the creek. The hay had been harvested but the fields were a warm, irrigated green in comparison to the complementary colors of the late summer grass, sage and rabbit brush on the sloping hillside. With the mountains of the Continental Divide in the distance, I thought the scene was begging to be painted. It was so typical of my familiar corner of Montana: broad valleys, arid hillsides, creek-fed green bottomland with mountains in the distance. I actually started this painting as a demo at another art event and finished it in my studio.”



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