Sunday, May 22, 2016

Drama, Extravagance and Poetry | Brent Funderburk Watercolor Gallery

Brent Funderburk infuses his watercolor still life and non-objective paintings with saturated color and rich complexity to take viewers on a magical adventure. His large watercolors drip and flood in rivers of saturated hues, while forms are modeled to almost psychedelic intensity. Subjects—from paint tubes and flowers to dancers—float, fly and dissolve in whirlwinds of paint handling. Everything is up in the air: the paint, the viewer, the entire enterprise. It’s all very risky and exciting, and it carries with it a certain poetry of affirmation.

“Experiences rather than pictures interest me,” says Funderburk. “It’s fascinating that complex experiences settle into shapes, songs, dances; composition is a miracle.”

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watercolor-still-life-Goodbye, Red (watercolor on paper, 24x38) by Brent Funderburk |

Goodbye, Red (watercolor on paper, 24×38) by Brent Funderburk

watercolor-still-life-Beauty Is Not Enough (watercolor on paper, 25x40) by Brent Funderburk |

Beauty Is Not Enough (watercolor and collage on paper, 25×40) by Brent Funderburk

watercolor-still-life-Still Light (watercolor on paper, 20x37) by Brent Funderburk |

Still Light (watercolor on paper, 20×37) by Brent Funderburk

watercolor-still-life-Caught (watercolor on paper, 25 1/4x14) by Brent Funderburk |

Caught (watercolor on paper, 25 1/4×14) by Brent Funderburk


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