Saturday, June 18, 2016

Be Bold! Pastel Journal August 2016 Special Preview

Be bold! The award-winning artists featured in the August 2016 issue of PASTEL JOURNAL show you how to break out of your comfort zone.

Highlights in this must-have issue include:
•   Painting Bold, Exuberant Florals
•   Adding Atmospheric Effect to Landscapes
•   Exploring Beyond the “Comfort Zone” Genre
•   Trailblazing With Pastels Through National Parks
•   Making the Most of Your Gallery Relationship
•   Pushing Your Painting Compositions Into More Dynamic Formats

Featured artists include: Cover artist Jen Evenhus, along with Jacob Aguiar, Nancy Marshburn, Dawn Emerson, Colleen K. Howe, Cuong Nguyen, Andrew McDermott, Doug Tweddale and Robin Warnes

This issue is available at—in print or as a download—on June 20. Available on newsstands July 12. Carpe diem!

Learn more about painting with pastels with this FREE download: Pastel Painting: 5 Articles on Pastel Basics for Artists.









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