Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drawing on Courage with Acrylic Artist Jan Brown

In the Summer 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist Jan Brown shared how her time in art classes guided her away from her traditional paintings to more abstracted figures. We asked Brown to tell us more about how classes are transforming her work—read on to discover what she had to say.

Remnants (acrylic, silver gesso, ink, 48x24) By Jan Brown

Remnants (acrylic, silver gesso, ink, 48×24) by Jan Brown

Acrylic Artist: What do you, an experienced artist, gain from continuing to take instructional classes?
Jan Brown: The sessions of life drawing give me material to work with and I am fascinated with the human body. I wouldn’t say the classes transform me as an artist, but they certainly allow me the “guts” for future endeavors.

AA: Are you saying the classes ignite a creative spark within in you?
JB: In a way. The classes supply the basics (the nuts and bolts of painting) and then I “play.”

AA: Can you share an example of something that has resulted from this playing?
JB: Just recently I started playing with silver gesso, and by mistake (really!) learned that I could get an image of the drawings transferred from the raw canvas to the canvas creating almost a mono print. Adding a little more acrylic paint, ink and gesso, this (see above) is what the second one (after I learned through the mistake) looks like.

AA: What advice do you have for experienced artists about taking classes?
JB: Classes keep you active. However what is most important is to find an instructor who you respect and can learn from. Different artists need different things. Personally, I like to be allowed to draw and paint freely on my own and then have the work critiqued. Some artists want more direction in a class—you have to search until you find what and who fits your needs.

To read the full feature article on Jan Brown in Acrylic Artist, visit to order a copy of the Summer 2016 issue now.

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