Saturday, June 18, 2016

Landscape Symbols Workshop, Part 2 with Johannes Vloothuis

TIME: 1:00 to 4:00 PM EST
DATES: 3 Saturdays, June 25, July 2, & July 9
All students who register will receive downloads of each class, so don’t worry if you cannot attend live!
.Final Saturday

Join Johannes for this online art class where you’ll learn helpful art lessons for successful landscape paintings. Register for the Landscape Symbols Workshop, Part 2 now!

You can understand the language of the landscape and improve how you translate that to paint with this unique online workshop! The success of landscape painting is precisely in the design of its symbols, which need to substitute and represent the real outdoor objects. Once you can develop these landscape symbols, you can repeat them over and over in new paintings, just like when we write we use letters to form words, thus simplifying the paint process. The transition from nature to the painting is where this landscape painting workshop comes in.

Follow along with Johannes and submit your own work for review. Painting demonstrations will be in pastels, oils, and watercolor. These following landscape painting elements will be addressed:

  • Mountains
  • Backgrounds
  • Ice
  • Buildings
  • Skies
  • And more

“I’m going to teach you exactly how I learned. Copying photos simply does not work.” — Johannes

You do not have to attend the live courses. Everything gets recorded and can be downloaded at no extra cost.

Click here to register for the Landscape Symbols Workshop, Part 2 now!

About Johannes Vloothuis:
Johannes Vloothuis has exhibited his work all over the world including Saint Petersburg, Sao Paolo and The National Watercolor Museum in Mexico City. He has won several awards such as the top award in the country of Mexico for watercolor and teaches oils, watercolor and pastel. Johannes has taught over 17,000 artists of all skill levels via his online courses.

Some Reviews from Landscape Symbols Workshop, Part 1
“Excellent class for the Landscape artist.” Review by Mike
“There is always something new to learn.” Review by Darlene
“I see my work improving.” Review by Mary
“Excellent. Jo always manages to come up with new information for us.” Review by Frances

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