Friday, July 22, 2016

Pastel Pick of the Week | 18th Annual Pastel 100 Call for Entries

“I want the people looking at my work to feel a sense of all the possibilities of painting, and, through that, in life as a whole. When that happens, I feel I’ve accomplished something useful.” — Wolf Kahn

As you know, making a painting isn’t just a matter of putting pigment on paper. It’s not merely about line and shape, or value and contrast. Art is, at its roots, one of the most essential ways we have to communicate. The best offerings convey an idea, share a mood, express a feeling, provoke a response. And, for this reason, it’s important that an artist’s work moves off the easel, out of the studio and into the world. It’s meant to be seen. It’s meant to be shared. This is the number one reason I encourage you to enter the 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition. Every winning pastel in the Pastel 100—whether it’s among the top five, one of 25 category place winners, or one of 70 honorable mentions—is published in the April issue of Pastel Journal magazine, bringing the artist’s work before the eyes of approximately 20,000+ readers.


See your work in the pages of the Pastel Journal!

Other Reasons to Enter!

•    Every entry will be seen by the Pastel Journal editors. And, whether or not it goes on to receive a prize, there’s a real chance—if your painting catches editorial attention—that it could lead to a magazine article in the future.
•    All entries that make it through the first round of editorial jurying (at least 1,000 pastels) will be shared with our panel of distinguished category jurors. This year, our esteemed jurors include Barbara Jaenicke (landscape/interior); Vianna Szabo (Portrait/Figure); Brian Bailey (Still Life/Floral); Marcia Holmes (Abstract/Non-objective); and Elizabeth Ganji (Animal/Wildlife).
•    And let’s not forget the prizes! One artist stands to win $5,000; another $2,500. And, thanks to the generosity of our wonderful sponsors—Jack Richeson and Co., Terry Ludwig Pastels, Holbein, Great American Art Works, PanPastel, and UART—another 28 artists will receive material prizes valued anywhere from $75 to $2,000. That’s a total prize pool value of $17,500!
Finally, I would add this: If you’re under the impression that art competitions only reward established, well-known artists, let me share some information: In the last Pastel 100, three of the five top-prizewinning painters were unknown to me, as were two or three out of the five winners in each of the five categories, as well as many of the honorable mentions. This is part of the joy and excitement that surrounds this competition year after year.

In short, the benefits are many, and the possibilities vast. Show us your latest, greatest accomplishments in pastel. The early-bird deadline (which will save you some money) is just over a week away on August 1, 2016. Enter here!

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