Friday, July 1, 2016

Pastel Pick of the Week | The Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach

The Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters, a premier art show that takes place every summer in Laguna Beach, Calif., will open next week, on July 5, and continue through August 31. Among this year’s featured artists at the Festival of Arts art two pastel artists: Marie Tippets and Mary Alsin.

Marie Tippets: Tippets is known for her still life paintings in which she explores the dramatic possibilities in the juxtaposition of light and dark. At the festival, however, she’ll be exhibiting a new series she calls “Essence of Japan,” paintings inspired by the artist’s trip to the country. Her subjects include figures, landscapes and gardens that are meant to illustrate what the artist experienced as a beautiful land and fascinating culture.


A painting from Marie Tippets’ pastel series, “Essence of Japan”


Another painting from the pastel series, “Essence of Japan,” by Marie Tippets














Mary Alsin: Aslin is known for her romantic and luminous portrayals of figures and still life subjects, And, as a working artist in Laguna Beach, she has enjoyed a number of appearances at this annual art event.



Prescient (pastel) by Mary Aslin








The Festival of Arts is California’s longest running outdoor fine art show and one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed and attended juried exhibitions. “In addition to the exhibition paintings, photography and ceramics, the eight-week event offers a range of activities that includes jazz concerts, guided art tours and workshops. For more information, visit

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