Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Exhibition of the Month: Drawing Cats, Past and Present

Cat lovers rejoice–the Cincinnati Art Museum is currently hosting a suite of exhibitions celebrating feline art spanning thousands of years, and together they are Drawing magazine’s exhibition of the month for August.

Inagaki Tomoo | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Cat Gathering (Night), by Inagaki Tomoo, 1957, color woodcut. All artwork courtesy Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Modern Cat” brings together 20 prints from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s collection, dating from about 1890 to 1980. The works reveal cats ranging from a slinky Art Nouveau color lithograph by Théophile Steinlen to the whimsical abstraction of Joan Miró. Cats were especially attractive to mid-century Modernists such as Charley and Edie Harper and Inagaki Tomoo. The feline’s quintessential character traits and exquisite form are depicted using a variety of printmaking techniques into compelling, colorful works of art.

Also on display is “Master Cat,” a selection of master prints and drawings spanning several centuries from artists such as Durer, Rembrandt and Goya. Meanwhile “Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt” explores the role of cats, lions, and other feline creatures in Egyptian mythology, kingship, and everyday life through approximately 80 different representations of cats from the Brooklyn Museum’s world-famous Egyptian collection.

“Modern Cat” and “Divine Felines” are on display until September 11. “Master Cats” stays on display until November 14.

Elizabeth Nourse | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Sketches of a Cat, by Elizabeth Nourse, circa 1889, graphite and white chalk.

Rembrandt | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

The Virgin and Child with a Cat and Snake, by Rembrandt van Rijn , 1654; etching.

Inagaki Tomoo | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Nursing Cats, by Inagaki Tomoo, 1960, color woodcut.

Edie Harper | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Summer Watch, by Edie Harper, 1981–1982, color screen print,.


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