Friday, September 9, 2016

Advice From Jurors | How to Make Winning Artwork

We asked the jurors of the 17th Annual Pastel 100 if they had any words of advice for artists. Read through their advice, and then click here to submit your latest, greatest pastel effort into the 18th Pastel 100 Competition, which has extended its entry deadline.


Dune Shadows (detail; pastel, 12×16) by Terri Ford


Terri Ford
Those considering entering should study the Pastel Journal. Whether or not an article is about an artist working in the same genre, it’s good to look at the quality of technique and execution. For those who haven’t yet made it onto these pages, don’t be deterred. Every judge will have a different outlook. Belief in yourself, tenacity and due diligence can take you a long way.

Mario Robinson
Be yourself. Allow your individuality to shine. No matter what your subject is, paint it with passion.

Mike Beeman
I would encourage future contestants to paint often and to paint what they enjoy. Don’t be limited by a photo; look beyond it to create something unique with your own personal style.

Robert Carsten
Paint what you love, learn to do it well, and never stop learning and exploring.

Barbara Benedetti Newton
A successful abstract creates a world through the relationship of shapes, colors, textures, and lines or marks. If the elements are pleasing, viewers enter the world and, from there, experience the artist’s journey as their own. The combinations of elements are endless. An artist’s sensitivity and skill as a tour guide is paramount.

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