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8 Pinterest Boards to Create Right Now | Art Business

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a great place to go for art inspiration any day of the week (not to mention recipes, if I’m being perfectly honest), but if you’re not making the most of Pinterest boards for artists, then you could be missing out. It might be tempting to create one board, call it “Art,” and then dump into it everything art-related that you fall in love with, but there’s a better way to create and organize your faves. Here’s a list of 8 Pinterest boards for artists, along with some tips on how to use Pinterest for your art business.

Pinterest for artists |

8 Pinterest Boards for Artists

1. My Art (best for art business)
Upload images of your own paintings, drawings and/or sketches
Use the description area to note if they’re for sale and how they can be purchased.
Include a couple of hashtags to help people find this specific board
Link the image/pin back to your website
If possible, include a small watermark to protect your image from being unrightfully copied

2. Art that inspires
This is personal, as only you know what inspires you. What makes you lean in closer, gives you chills, or makes you smile? Pin that type of work to this board for instant inspiration.

3. Art Supplies
Include cool products that you want to try. Think: brushes, new pens and markers, papers/substrates, even larger items like easels or products you may need as you build your art business or simply grow your hobby
Bonus: This is a great way to give a hint to a loved one about your holiday or birthday wish list. πŸ˜‰ Pinterest for artists, art business |

4. Art Tips and Techniques
This is where you can plant much of the info you find right here at ArtistsNetwork. Include step-by-step demonstrations, specific techniques that you want to try and tips for using your art supplies in new ways (or making the most of unexpected items for art, like using an old credit card to spread acrylic paint!)

5. Art Humor
Because we all need a good laugh. πŸ™‚ A great way to find pins for this is simply by searching for “art humor” on, then start pinning (and smiling) away!

6. Art Quotes
For inspiration and motivation. Same as #5. Do a search for “art quotes,” “art motivation,” or similar phrases to find just the right words to give you a nudge when you need it.

7. Specific Subjects
Specific boards such as figures, illustration art, abstract, animals, still life, portraits, landscapes–you get the idea–are great for curating your favorite styles as well as for being a go-to resource when you’re looking for just the right reference. You may also want to create a board dedicated to your favorite artists and media.

Pinterest for artists, art business |

A pin from our “Watercolor Painting” Pinterest board for artists

8. Color
For palette ideas. Don’t be afraid to pin non-art images. Go with anything colorful that grabs your eye and screams, “cerulean blue!” or “quinacridone gold!” for example. Nature photos are always a perfect go-to, but keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with pinning a quilt, a kitchen or a cocktail if the color combinations speak to you.

Now, back to Pinterest as it relates to art business. Follow the tips in #1, and for each of your boards, include at least five pins. The more you pin, the more followers you’ll gather over time. Also, share your Pinterest page on Facebook and link to it from your website so that others can follow you and your new boards.

With an organized Pinterest page, you’ll always have a place to go to for the specific inspiration and ideas you’re looking for, including favorite videos that you pin from YouTube. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a social platform similar to any other, meaning that you don’t want to pin things that could turn away your audience and potential buyers. You can create “private” boards to keep this from happening. πŸ˜‰

Do you already have your Pinterest page set up? Follow us @ArtistsNetwork and share a link to your profile in the comments below so that we can follow you!

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