Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Global Embrace of Pastel | The 2nd (Suzhou) Biennial International Pastel Exhibition

Starting next week, pastel artists from around the globe will be traveling to China to attend the 2nd Biennial International Pastel Exhibition in Suzhou, a world heritage site in in Eastern China that is well known for its canals, bridges and beautiful gardens. Now, as the town prepares to celebrate the second biennial, it can add “patron of pastels” to its list of achievements. This year’s show—which will be on view from October 22 through November 20—features the work of artists from 14 countries and five continents! (See the complete list of exhibiting artists below)


Special Guests

Several prominent artists associated with the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) have been invited to the event as special guests and workshop instructors. These include Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Demond O’Hagan, Stan Sperlak and Alain Picard, of the United States, and Tony Allain, of the United Kingdom. I’m also thrilled to be among those heading to Suzhou this year, where I’ll be sharing a presentation of “Contemporary Masters of Pastel” as seen through the pages of Pastel Journal.

The Exhibiting Artists of 2016:

Lyn Diefenbach (Australia)

Andrew McDermott (Canada)

Mathieu Weemaels (Belgium)

Suzanne Godbout (Canada)

Kathy Hildebrandt (Canada)

Halla Shafey (Egypt)

Liliane Desmarest (France)

Catherine Hutter (France)

Jerzy Moscicki (France)

Irene Georgopoulou (Greece)

Niall O’Niell (Ireland)

Silvia Bar-­am (Israel)

Corry Kooy (The Netherlands)

Isabelle V. Lim (Singapore)

Ivan Hoo (Singapore)

Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez (Spain)

Vicente Romero Redondo (Spain)

Jose del Riego (Spain)

Ruben Belloso Adorna (Spain)

Adisorn Pornsirikarn (Thailand)

Tony Allain (United Kingdom)

Albert Handell (USA)

Elizabeth Mowry (USA)

Joyce Tilly Nagal (USA)

Elaine Augustine (USA)

Sigmund Abeles (USA)

Wende Caporale (USA)

Brian Bailey (USA)

Brian Cobble (USA)

Nancie King Mertz (USA)

Sally Strand (USA)

Tom Christopher (USA)

William Schneider (USA)

Ray Hassard (USA)

Helen Kleczynski (USA)

Duane Wakeham (USA)

Jimmy Wright (USA)

Anne Heywood (USA)

Robert Carsten (USA)

Alan Flattmann (USA)

Ellen Eagle (USA)

Cuong Nguyen (USA)

Ted Fuka (USA)

Anna Wainright (USA)

Barbara Jaenicke (USA)

Christine Swann (USA)

Colette Odya Smith (USA)

Daggi Wallace (USA)

Gigi Horr Liverant (USA)

John P. Dolan (USA)

Kurt Weiser (USA)

Leslie Lillien Levy (USA)

Lyn Asselta (USA)

Marie Tippets (USA)

Mary Stewart Aslin (USA)

Liz Haywood-­‐Sullivan (USA)

Alain J. Picard (USA)

Stan Sperlak (USA)

Desmond O’Hagan (USA)

Urania Christy Tarbet (USA)

Chang Yishan (China)

Chen Erfu (China)

Chu Pengyue (China)

Chu Yongjie (China)

Du Guohao (China)

Feng Weijun (China)

Gao Yan (China)

Gu Meiqin (China)

Hang Mingshi (China)

Huang Yanbo (China)

Jia Wei (China)

Jiang Zhusong (China)

Jin Haihong (China)

Li Hong (China)

Li Xiaolin (China)

Li Xuping (China)

Liu Su (China)

Lu Xiangdong (China)

Nan Zheng (China)

Pang Maokun (China)

Qin Shizhi (China)

Shi Tao (China)

Wang Bo (China)

Wang Dabang (China)

Wang Jian (China)

Wang Lu (China)

Wang Xiangzhen (China)

Wu Defu (China)

Wu Jinghan (China)

Wu Lieyong (China)

Xie Menglong (China)

Xu Junhua (China)

Xu Zheng (China)

Yang Guoxin (China)

Yang Yan (China)

Yao Dianke (China)

Yao Zhigang (China)

Yu Xin (China)

Zhai Shuuliang (China)

Zhang Xi  (China)

I look forward to this exciting cultural exchange and pastel celebration and to sharing more about the experience with our ArtistNetwork and Pastel Journal fans.

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