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Drawing Magazine, Fall 2016 Table of Contents

The human figure has been inspiring artists for thousands of years, but they keep coming up with original ways to approach this oldest of subjects. In Drawing magazine’s fall 2016 issue we meet several artists who take very different approaches to the figure, using such materials as Conte, powdered graphite and mixed media.

Our featured artists include Yuka Imata, who demonstrates her process; Fred Dalkey, who draws luminous, tonal figures; and Michael Meadors, whose drawings of young women offer a sort of rebuttal to flashy commercial imagery. Other articles are devoted to modeling shadows, the drawings of Jean Dubuffet, using mechanical pencils, and creating focal points for the eye.  The full list of articles is below.

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Drawing Magazine Fall 2016 | Artist's Network

Cover image: Portrait of Tom (detail), by Yuka Imata.

Feature Articles

Meditations in Conté
The delicate tonal drawings of California artist Fred Dalkey. Interview by Austin R. Williams

Drawing Fundamentals: Illuminating the Shadows
By paying attention to reflected light we can enhance the illusion of three-dimensional form. By Jon deMartin

Drawing Magazine Fall 2016 | Giovanni Battista PIazzetta | Artist's Network

Nude Woman Seated, by Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, ca. 1740, black and white chalk on toned paper, 20 x 15.

Curator’s Choice: Snite Museum of Art
Ten outstanding Old Master and 19th-century drawings. By Cheryl K. Snay

New Angles in Portraiture
Yuka Imata offers a demonstration of her portrait-drawing process. By Austin R. Williams

Beauty, Reconsidered
Michael Meadors mixes drawing and painting to offer a fresh take on the figure. By Michael Woodson

Drawing Magazine Fall 2016 | Michael Meadors | Artist's Network

Three-Page Spread, by Michael Meadors, 2015, graphite, Stabilo pencil, spray paint and enamel collage on paper, 36 x 68.

Drawing Brut
The confrontational but sophisticated Art Brut of Jean Dubuffet. By John A. Parks


Material World: The Nuts and Bolts of Mechanical Pencils
By Sherry Camhy

First Marks: Composition Basics: Eye Pathways
By Margaret Davidson

Drawing Magazine Fall 2016 | Margaret Davidson | Artist's Network

Compositional Diagram for “Reflecting Still Life”, by Margaret Davidson.

New and Notable: Christina Empedocles
By Michael Woodson

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