Friday, October 21, 2016

Paint-A-Round (the World)

The ever popular, always entertaining Paint-A-Round event is always one of the highlights of the International Association of Pastel Societies’ (IAPS) conventions, so what better way to introduce the pastel painting of IAPS artists Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Alain Picard, Desmond O’Hagan, Stan Sperlak and Tony Allain to the Chinese audience at the Second Biennial (Suzhou) China International Pastel Exhibition?

The five artists lined up on stage and started a pastel painting at their easels. Every 10 minutes, at the sound of the gong, each artist moved to the next easel and continued working on the painting at that easel. The artists continued to move, every 10 minutes, until all five artists had worked on all five paintings.

Sullivan, Picard, O’Hagan, Sperlak and Allain—along with Pastel Journal editor-in-chief Anne Hevener—are currently in China as the special guests at this year’s Suzhou Biennial, an exhibition of 100 artists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Yang Hui | pastel painting in China

Yang Hui, of the Ming Gallery of Art, who collaborated with Hong Kong artist Isabelle Lim to establish the Suzhou Biennial, acted as Master of Ceremonies.


Desmond O'Hagan and Tony Allain | pastel painting in China

Tony Allain and Desmond O’Hagan happily at work during the Suzhou Biennial Paint-a-Round.


Tony Allain, Stan Sperlak, Desmond O'Hagan, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Alain Picard | pastel painting in China

Paint-a-round artists Tony Allain, Stan Sperlak, Desmond O’Hagan, Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Alain Picard


Look for Anne Hevener’s report from China in the February 2017 issue of Pastel Journal.


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