Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Quick Acrylic Landscape Demos You Need to Try

From snowy evergreens to rigorous waterfalls, you’ll love the simple acrylic painting techniques demonstrated in this week’s Jen’s Pick video: Acrylic Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis!

After a review of materials and an insightful color-mixing tutorial, Johannes walks you through five fun landscape techniques sure to help you enhance your landscape painting skills!

Demo 1: Snowy Evergreen

Capture the allure of a snow-filled day in a stunning forest vista by learning how to establish harmony among the dark and light values in the painting through color variegation, using dry brush techniques to create exciting and realistic textures.

Acrylic Landscapes, Johannes Vloothuis, Snowy Evergreen

Demo 2: Waterfall

Using an array of essential acrylic techniques — including negative painting, color-mixing, scumbling and dry brush — paint a vigorous waterfall cascading down from a rocky cliff’s edge.

Johannes Vloothuis, Waterfall, Acrylic Landscapes, painting demonstrations

Demo 3: Clouds & Rain

By evenly spreading gel retarder all over the sky section of your canvas, you can set a strong foundation for establishing soft, blended edges as you paint dismal clouds and bursts of rain coming down over a mountainous scene in acrylic.

Johannes Vloothuis, acrylics, acrylic landscapes, clouds & rain demonstration

Demo 4: Stone Wall

Create a stone wall behind bundles of vibrant foliage and flowers in acrylic by discovering key color variegation tips and tricks, such as working randomly to ensure color shifts, establishing irregular lines in your structures and only suggesting where the stones may be protruding from the wall.

Johannes Vloothuis, acrylics, acrylic landscapes, stonewall demonstration

Demo 5: Flowers & Grass

Whether you want to paint a brilliantly manicured garden filled with blooming flowers and vivacious foliage or an enchanting meadow scene filled with striking yellow grasses and radiant wild flowers, the acrylic techniques in this simple tutorial are sure to inspire, including: negative painting and dry brush techniques to establish leaves and bushes, using a pastry brush to quickly add in the grassy field and fun splattering tricks to create wild flower blossoms.

manicured flowers, Johannes Vloothuis, acrylics, Acrylic landscapes, flowers & grass demonstration

Johannes Vloothuis, acrylics, acrylic landscapes, wildflowers, flowers & grasses demonstration

“After all these demonstrations and theory, you’ve been given some valuable tools to work with to get off to a real good start,” says Johannes. “So I hope you will give this a try and enjoy the world of art.”

Check out the preview below, and stream the full-length acrylic painting demonstration here.


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