Sunday, November 6, 2016

Behind the Scenes with Abstract Artist Jodi Ohl

Mixed-media, acrylic and abstract artist Jodi Ohl was recently in the Artist’s Network video studios filming four new instructional videos and I was once again amazed at her wealth of art knowledge, and her willingness to share it. This was the third time Jodi visited our studios to share her painting and mixed-media techniques and in some cases, she was building on techniques she had shown in the past. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Jodi’s video shoot and an interview Online Editor Cherie Haas did with Jodi!


One of Jodi’s original videos with us focused on creating grungy art on YUPO paper and it was so popular, she filmed a follow up video focusing more intensely on creating abstract compositions in acrylic on YUPO. Artist’s Network Online Editor Cherie Haas was Jodi’s student in this video. It was her first time working on YUPO and she was just as fascinated by the surface as I was when I first worked on it.

Behind the Scenes - Art Journaling

Cherie took her job as Jodi’s student seriously and there were times when I couldn’t drag them away from their art making. In the picture above, Jodi and Cherie were so focused on their art journaling they kept working after the cameras stopped rolling.

They did, however, stop to do a short interview about “something art-related that might surprise us about Jodi.” And yes, we were surprised, and inspired!

It was a gorgeous summer week when Jodi was here so we took a trip to a nearby park to get some rocking headshots. While we were at it we had to get a group shot that included Jodi’s awesome boots. With the videos being shot from waist up and headshots being, well, headshots, it would’ve been too sad to not let them get a little time to shine!

Behind the Scenes- Jodi and Students

From L – R: Video producer Amy Jones, Artist Jodi Ohl, Online Editor Cherie Haas


I also managed to sneak a “that’s so meta” photo of Cherie taking a photo of our photographer Christine taking a photo of Jodi. Too good to pass up.


As we wrap each shoot I love getting a photo of our artists with the “clappy board” (the technical term…or not). It signifies the end of a productive but often fun, and in this case hilarious, week.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the artwork you’ll learn how to make in Jodi’s forthcoming videos.

behind the scenes- jodi-ohl-abstract

Abstract Painting by Jodi Ohl

Behind the scenes- jodi-ohl-art-journaling

Art Journal Page by Jodi Ohl

behind the scenes jodi-ohl-zen-painting

Zen Paintings by Jodi Ohl

R0068_cover_FINAL.inddWhile you wait for Jodi’s new videos to be released (expect them in February 2017), you can pre-order Jodi’s book, Abstracts in Acrylic & Ink!

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