Sunday, November 6, 2016

Creating a Travel Journal: Buildings, People and More

I love to travel. I get the itch every few months to go out and explore. Then the planning begins! Planning a trip just ramps up the anticipation of what I’m going to see. Anyone else both love and hate the countdown clock for a vacation? So close to leaving but yet so far!

I love taking pictures on my trips and always end up with thousands of photos to sort through. A lot of artists take their trip memories a step further and create amazing travel journals. Your journal can be full of anything you want. You can have pages of the food you eat, the buildings you see, the people walking by, etc. Those thousands of photos can be helpful references if you want to create a travel journal later or refine a sketch to a larger illustration.

The Urban Sketcher by Marc Taro Holmes is a great resource for any aspiring artist who wants to illustrate their travels and the scenes around them. Marc follows a three pass method, going from pencil to pen to brush, which you can see a preview of in this video from Artist’s Network TV:

Marc also goes over methods for creating a scene full of people like this one in the park:

Daily sketching in a travel journal | The Urban Sketcher


Travel journal sketching | The Urban Sketcher

What will you sketch in your travel journal? The holidays are right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to illustrate those special moments with friends and family. Sketch pages full of fall colors and the tasty treats from Thanksgiving. Christmas is full of lights, color and wonderful moments of celebration. Create a page showing the gifts you received this year or a page full of the ugly Christmas sweaters you and your friends wear to a party. I always love seeing artists do pages full of themed objects. That’s definitely one of my favorite things. Comment below with what you want to illustrate in your travel journal! If you’ve posted any pages online make sure to link us to them so we can see your amazing art.

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