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Paint Along 30: Brilliant Light Effects|LIVE with Johannes Vloothuis

TIME: 1:00 to 5:00 PM EST
DATES: 3 Saturdays: December 3, 10 and 17
 .Final Saturday

WHERE: From the comfort of your home
You do not have to attend the sessions live. Everything gets recorded and can be downloaded at no extra cost.

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Paint Along 30 Live with Johannes Vloothuis | Brilliant Light Effects

Sample Painting of Brilliant Light Effects by Johannes Vloothuis

Join Johannes Vloothuis in this live online workshop, along with hundreds of other artists, to strengthen your painting skills with 12 hours of painting fun distributed over the course of three Saturdays. Johannes will start his paintings from scratch, and finish them in real time while you watch over his shoulder as you hear him think out loud. And if you want, you can paint along with him from the comfort of your own home!

In this online workshop you will learn how to add brilliant light to a specific area in your painting to create awesome effects where the viewer will feel invited to walk right into your scene. You will receive the drawing templates before each class. During each session you will receive verbal techniques, color combinations, professional secrets, and instructions to guide you along the way. One demo will be in oils, another in watercolor, and another in pastels. In this online course you will learn how to change boring photos into award-winning paintings by setting the stage with out-of-the-ordinary moods. Learn how to evoke emotion in your viewers.

Painting demonstrations will include the following subjects:

  • The majestic and famous Yellowstone Falls
  • Stoneman Bridge in Yosemite National Park with the Half Moon Dome in the background
  • City scene in Murano, Italy

You do not have to attend the live courses. Everything gets recorded and can be downloaded at no extra cost.

Register now for the Brilliant Light Effects Live online workshop!

Some Reviews from others courses from Johannes Vloothuis:
“Excellent class for the Landscape artist.” Review by Mike
“There is always something new to learn.” Review by Darlene
“I see my work improving.” Review by Mary
“Excellent. Jo always manages to come up with new information for us.” Review by Frances

About Johannes Vloothuis:
Johannes Vloothuis has exhibited his work all over the world including Saint Petersburg, Sao Paolo and The National Watercolor Museum in Mexico City. He has won several awards such as the top award in the country of Mexico for watercolor and teaches oils, watercolor and pastel. Johannes has taught over 17,000 artists of all skill levels via his online courses.

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