Friday, November 25, 2016

The Watercolor Pigment: How to Mix and Mingle

Jean Haines, Watercolor Pigments, Pigment, Watercolor Demonstration, color mixing, Video BlogAccomplished artist Jean Haines has a simple way of demystifying watercolor pigment theory, and she explains it all in this quick watercolor workshop.

“I get asked so many times why [pigments are] different and what the different qualities are. And actually, reading theory can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve just started painting,” Haines explains. “There is a simple way to think about the pigments you use.”

We’ve all been invited to a party or gathering full of interesting people. Thinking of watercolor pigments as people at a party with distinctive personalities is an easy way to determine what distinguishes transparent pigments from opaques.

The transparent pigments are the quiet, friendly people who want to mix and mingle with everyone, explains Haines. On the other hand, you can think of the opaques as the louder, boisterous partygoers who happily stay off to the side to enjoy the party on their own.

The demonstration below shows you what Haines is talking about in pigment theory—think of it as your invitation to the Watercolor Pigment Party.

Meet Jean Haines

Well known for her passion for art, Jean Haines teaches hundreds of inspiring artists, hosting watercolor workshops worldwide. With an assortment of international awards she’s collected and numerous exhibitions she’s been juried into, Haines is an ideal instructor because of her accomplishments and her ability to clearly convey the techniques you want to learn. Haines is a member of the SWA, Society of Women Artists, and is a recipient of the Anthony J. Lester Award. Visit for more information on her art and upcoming workshops.

Want more insightful instruction from Jean Haines? Head on over to to stream her watercolor workshops!

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