Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Watercolor Figures | Yael Maimon Gallery

Israeli artist Yael Maimon is known for adept, expressive strokes; bold, vivid colors; and delightfully  engaging painting series of cats, desserts and fairytale figures.

“I think that over the years I’ve developed my own style that keeps evolving,” she says. “It’s a natural process; it’s not static. Style builds slowly over time and shifts in relation to life experiences—failures and successes in the art world as well as in one’s personal life. My approach has changed significantly over time. Today I feel freer to experiment and to make mistakes. I feel more confident in what I do, which in turn affects my working process.”

Maimon believes that being an artist requires hard work and perseverance. Her advice for other artists? “You need to paint, and paint some more, on a daily basis, not just when you feel like it. You also need to challenge yourself to keep going and growing.”

See Maimon’s energetic take on bringing the house cat to life in the February 2017 issue of Watercolor Artist, available in print or as a download and on newsstands December 20.

See how she uses charcoal studies to create engaging feline paintings.


watercolor_figure_goodbyedad_yael_maimon |

Goodbye, Dad (watercolor on paper) by Yael Maimon

watercolor_figure_staystrictlyonthepath_yaelmaimon |

Stay Strictly on the Path (watercolor on paper) by Yael Maimon

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