Monday, December 5, 2016

Beginner Art Tips | Pastelist Ann Oram Shares Advice

Pastelist Ann Oram, who’s known for her mixed media work featuring florals and landscapes, shares eight beginner art tips to help you on your artistic path.

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Always begin by using your eyes. They’re your best tools. From there, your brain can start to interpret what you’re seeing, feeling and sensing.

Work on subjects that excite you. Why work with buildings if it’s the human form or a bunch of wildflowers that catch your attention?

Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Regard every one as a learning tool.

Free up. It’s exciting; it should be. Paint for yourself, not for an audience.

Grow a thick skin. Criticism comes with the job.

Look at the work of artists who inspire you. Look further afield if you can. Learn from the greats.

Learn from generous people. They allow you to be who you are when you’re in a classroom or gallery situation.

Enjoy it. It won’t always go smoothly. There will be problems and technical hitches, but these will pass as you grow in confidence and ability.


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pastel_with_mixed_media_ann-oram_peonies-and-other-june-flowers-in-blue |

Peonies and Other June Flowers in Blue (pastel with mixed media) by Ann Oram

pastel_with_mixed_media_landscape_polignano_ann_oram |

Polignano (pastel with mixed media) by Ann Oram

pastel_with_mixed_media_floral_delphinium-and-cow-parsley_ann-oram |

Delphinium and Cow Parsley (pastel with mixed media) by Ann Oram

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