Friday, December 9, 2016

Mannequin Challenge: Figure Drawing Class

The recent mannequin challenge craze swept us all into a collective audience that either smiled, laughed, or in some cases, inspired us to respond with our own version. While many of the challenges have come from athletes, we couldn’t resist the temptation to make our own video, for artists, of course.

Mannequin Challenge: Figure Drawing Class

What mini-scene would you have added to the video? Share your comments below, or link to your own mannequin challenge – we’d love to see it!

Mannequin Challenge, figure drawing class |

Daryll Collins played the part of our frustrated artist, balling up a sketch and getting ready to toss it across the room. :)

Mannequin Challenge, figure drawing class |

Mary and Mark Willenbrink, posing as onlooker and artist. :)

Mannequin Challenge Credits

Portrait by Mark Willenbrink, mannequin challenge participant

Portrait drawing by Mark Willenbrink

 I want to give special thanks to everyone who made this video possible, including one of our favorite artist/author duos, Mark and Mary Willenbrink (click here to check out their best-selling drawing and painting for beginners books at Not only did they appear in the video as mannequins, but they also came to the studio a day early to help us set up the “class.”

Special thanks also to one of my newest friends, Daryll Collins ( Daryll is an illustrator/cartoonist who is newly working with an amazing program began by Steve Barr, called Drawn to Help, which brings art to children in hospitals.

Our staff mannequins: Amy Jones, Maria Woodie, Jen Lepore, Holly Davis, Michael Woodson, Brittany Barker, Laura Wooffitt, Carrie Verh, Susi Baker, Jennifer Smith, Misty Quick, Al Parrish and Ellie, Christine Polomsky and yours truly. Some of the drawings in the shots were by my 11-year-old son and my husband, who kindly (although hesitantly) let me use their sketchbooks along with my own.

Many thanks also to Aaron Allen for filming the video and adding the final touches, to Courtney Jordan for brainstorming with me on the poses that we had everyone do, and to Amy Jones for contributing to the studio set-up and production.

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