Monday, December 19, 2016

The Art of Time | Oil Painter Cynda Valle

Oil painter Cynda Valle’s unique artistic expression is so individual, we felt we simply had to get to know her. Keep reading to learn more about this artist and how she uses time–both the good and the bad of its passing–to motivate her creativity and inspire her to work.

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All That Glitters (oil on linen, 52×40) by Cynda Valle 

I earned my degrees from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, in Pennsylvania, and Ohio University, in Athens, during a time when there was little interest in traditional oil techniques. To get the information I needed, I depended on instructional DVDs, especially Richard Schmid’s wonderful one on alla prima painting.

As it is with old memories, things get twisted and changed. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s a storythese are the images in my series “The Alone Together Family.” All That Glitters is part of that series. 

I paint in oil, using traditional glazing techniques. This process involves up to 30 thin, translucent layers. Glazing produces the luminosity that I like to see in my paintings. I start these glazed works with an underpainting, which is a detailed monochromatic value study. In this work, the floor gave me the most trouble. I wanted it to look tipped and unusually colored. I couldn’t articulate what I wanted, but I knew I’d recognize it when I finally got there. I soldiered on until I felt this funny internal “click,” that all is right and in its proper place.

I find that my most frequent students are baby boomers, most of whom had to bow to the practical imperatives of work and family life. Many had to wait until they retired to pursue their art dreams. To them (mostly women) I say, “If not now, when?” It’s finally time! No more delaying gratification!

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