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Your Guide to Watercolor Painting for Beginners

Watercolor artist and author Jan Fabian Wallake

Watercolor artist and author Jan Fabian Wallake

Look for the informative Watercolor Painting for Beginners with Jan Fabian Wallake videos at and learn valuable watercolor lessons! In each art workshop video, award-winning artist and author, Jan Fabian Wallake, guides you through a beautiful watercolor painting. Jan’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, will give you the tools you need to create your own wonderful watercolors.

Each video workshop demonstrates Jan’s three-step painting process, along with watercolor tips and secrets.

  • Create “special effects” and textures with watercolor
  • Achieving dramatic value contrasts
  • Use positive and negative painting
  • Work with color mixing to harmonize colors
  • Lean how to design artistic compositions
  • And more

From blooms and butterflies, to water and buildings, Jan will show you how to paint your favorite subjects, step by step.

Snowy Landscape in Watercolor

In this watercolor tutorial, focus on creating a dramatic composition. Paint wet into wet, save whites, and more for a watercolor painting filled with movement and life.

Watercolor Painting for Snowy Landscape with Christmas Quilt

Watercolor Tip: Use a trigger sprayer for creating movement and a flat brush for creating texture to create a dramatic foreground.

Pinecones in Watercolor

In this watercolor lesson you’ll focus on creating emotion and mood. Use watercolor techniques for masking highlights, painting a soft-focus background wet into wet, negative painting, using a palette knife for texture, and more, for a painting filled with depth!

Watercolor Painting Nature: Pine Cones

Watercolor Tip: Don’t try to control watercolor. You can manipulate it, but let it do it’s own thing and you’ll get spontaneous painting results!

Rushing River in Watercolor

In this water painting video you’ll focus on direct painting to paint realistic ripples and splashes, mini waterfalls and bubbling pools in watercolor,

Watercolor Painting: Paint a Rushing River

Watercolor Tip: Use horizontal lines in the distance to indicate flat planes of water, and swirling strokes in the foreground to depict splashes in water.

Window Garden In Watercolor

This watercolor demonstrations focuses on texture techniques. Use masking, painting with stencils, color mingling, salt, and more, for a painting filled with texture and color!

Watercolor Painting: Texture Techniques

Watercolor Tip: Use directional strokes of deep color in the background with a flat brush. Before the paint dries, use a thirsty damp brush to lift strokes of the paint you just applied, lifting in the same direction, to bring in the light.

BONUS! Browse Jan Fabian Wallake’s videos at–each video workshop includes a special watercolor painting tip that you can preview for free!

Click here to learn more about the “Watercolor for Beginners” series, and more online art workshops.



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