Saturday, January 21, 2017

Masterclass | Free Art Videos from Winsor & Newton

You love making art. When you’re not making art, you’re thinking about it. And when you’re finished working on a piece, you’re thinking, when can I come back to it? You crave it like coffee. We get it.

Anything that we see that reminds of us art is comforting; from paintings hanging in public to our own jars of brushes, however dormant they may seem when not in use. And while we always want to be improving with practice, books, art videos and the like, there are always things that get in the way. Sometimes we have to take those baby steps and absorb information here and there, then apply it later when we’re back in the studio.

Winsor & Newton Masterclass art videos

This is where Winsor & Newton’s Masterclass series of free art videos comes in. In a minute and a half, you can learn how to make oiled charcoal. In just over three minutes, you can see the difference between six types of oil whites and better understand how to use them to achieve results that are within your reach.

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