Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Modern-Day Artist’s Technology Toolkit

Acrylic artist, author, teacher and all-around color guru Chris Cozen gives us a one-on-one tutorial on how to use phone apps for better photo references in the spring 2017 issue of Acrylic Artist. Cozen reveals how she employs modern-day mobile or web applications to take her painting to the next level.

Chris Cozen Acrylic Artist

Chris Cozen readies to paint using an App inspired image.

Is using technology to improve our art a groundbreaking move? Perhaps not. Employing non-traditional painting implements is not new to the art world. Projectors have been used to illuminate an image onto a canvas or wall to guide an artist for years. Today, computers are used to gently manipulate photo references to the extreme of creating more appealing compositions to guide a new painting. And don’t forget the camera—more often than not, artists list the camera as one of their go-to tools.

Step By Step

When Cozen told us that she uses a photo-editing app to help her create her art, we were intrigued. Read about how she evaluated and settled on her go-to app, and then follow along as she walks you through, step by step, putting the app to work in creating her art.

Get your print or digital copy of the spring 2017 issue of Acrylic Artist here.

Creative Inspiration

Want to learn more great painting tips and techniques from acrylic artist, Chris Cozen? Check out this video!

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