Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rediscover Color & Expand Your Painting Possibilities!

Come explore new color possibilities for your paintings!

Artist Chris Cozen is all about experimenting with color using acrylic and mixed media. Chris has been using art journals over the years to record “playtime” with paint, so she has stacks of references to use when she is looking for a new use of color to put to use in her paintings. In Chris’s video, Exploring Acrylic: Color Discoveries, she takes you on a journey to learn what your paints can do together and with other media. Enjoy this sneak peek of her video instruction here.

“These creative color techniques are wildly random and lots of fun!”
~ Chris Cozen

Pencils & High Flow Acrylics

Chris enjoys trying new art materials to see what they do and how they might interact with the artwork she likes to make. Playing with her grandson, she decided to see how watercolor pencils would interact with acrylics, and had loved the results!

Exploring Acrylic: Color Discoveries with Chris Cozen

In this demo from  Exploring Acrylic: Color Discoveries, Chris uses watercolor pencils with acrylics for rich results.


Gritty Color

Cutting into wet, gritty acrylics yields interesting results. The color and textures change depending on how thick or thin the paint is, and what other colors you add to it. You’ll love the sound when yuo mix it together on your palette–sandy and gritty!


In this demo from Exploring Acrylic:: Color Discoveries, Chris uses Nickel Azo Yellow, Hansa Yellow Medium, Van Dyke Brown Hue, and Micaceous Iron Oxide with matte medium to create these marks with a scraper tool.

Happy Accidents

What happens if? This is a question Chris Cozen asks herself everytime she sits down to her art journal. Practicing these “what-ifs” separate from your painting process will free you up to understand your art materials.


What happens to High Flow Acrylic when you drop it into fluid matte medium? This demo from Exploring Acrylic:: Color Discoveries will create details you couldn’t paint if you tried!

Learn more about Exploring Acrylic: Color Discoveries from Chris herself in this video preview, then visit to stream the full painting demonstration and paint along with Chris!

About Chris Cozen

Chris Cozen is a member of the Working Artist Program for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. She lectures and teaches throughout Southern California and is the author of several books on acrylic painting techniques. With a background in education, Chris teaches workshops and classes to artists with a wide range of experience. Visit for more information.

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