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Sketchbooks Then and Now (Part 3) AND a BLICK Giveaway!

Editor’s note: The following post is part 3 of a series from Drawing magazine’s Material World column (Summer 2016) and features an article by Sherry Camhy on a timeless friend of the artist: the sketchbook.

Today you’ll learn how to make your own sketchbook and have a chance to win a gorgeous set of colored pencils from Blick Art Materials. Simply comment on this post below and tell us your favorite color! You’ll automatically be entered – it’s that simple.

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DIY sketchbooks |

Material World: Getting the Most out of Drawing Media (Part 3)

by Sherry Camhy, abridged from an earlier article

Demonstration: Miniature Sketchbooks from Scratch

Sketchbooks for artists |

Step 1. Sketchbooks by Emily and Arielle Ragals, 2016

  1. Fold an 81⁄2″ x 11″ sheet of paper in half three times so that it is divided into eight sections of equal size. Crease firmly.
Sketchbooks for artists |

Step 2

2. Unfold the sheet to half-size. Make a cut from the folded side to the center crease.


Sketchbooks for artists |

Step 3

3. Gently pull the newly cut segment apart and stand the paper up on the cut ends. Push the folds together to make a star shape.


Sketchbooks for artists |

Step 4

4. Press the folds together, resulting in a six-page “book” with a front and back cover.


Sketchbooks for artists |

Step 5

5. To make a 12-page book, cut to separate the folded edges of each page. Fix the “binding” with staples or by making holes along the folded edge and sewing pages together.


Sketchbooks for artists |

Step 6

6. You now have a miniature 12-page book ready for sketching. You can create larger books using this process by beginning with a larger sheet of similar proportions.

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Win this set of colored pencils!

You could win this beautiful set of colored pencils from Blick Art Materials!

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