Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#MyArtBurn | Head Outside, Artists and Share Your Stories!

It’s summer. You’re an artist.


This time of year is a creative gold mine for you! But you’re going to have to watch it or you’re going to get an art burn that no SPF will prevent. Read on!


Or maybe you hit your stride in the winter. Do you, boo!


Every artist knows that working outdoors isn’t always a walk in the park. (Even if sometimes it’s literally a walk in the park.)

Whether you’re a plein air artist trekking to capture gorgeous landscapes, a muralist working under the summer sun, an urban tagger on the go (faster, dude!), a sketcher capturing her city between pen and paper, or an artist who simply isn’t going to take summer for granted and knows now is the time to venture outside–you all have most likely been burned by the great outdoors (figuratively or quite literally).

Picture this: You’re exactly where you want to be, smack dab in the middle of Mother Nature. You’ve set up your easel or opened your sketchbook. You’ve got your palette right where you want it. Brush or pen is poised. Your view is incredible. Unleash the muse!

Wait. What’s that? A tornado is headed your way? Of course it is. Bu-bye. #MyArtBurn (True story about the twister but don’t worry everyone made it home safe!)


Missed. Missed again! #MyArtBurn


When frolics in the forest turn into torrential downpours that force you to use your canvas for cover. When a sudden wind turns you into a littering, painting pariah as the sketches you set out to dry take flight. When you get too close to the ocean’s crashing waves because you are distracted by all the light and rippling water … and bam, you and your sketchbook are wearing the Atlantic. That’s an art burn. #MyArtBurn


No thanks! #MyArtBurn


Not to mention working out in the open means people get to judge your work the entire time. Yikes, art burn.


outdoor artist outdoor artist outdoor artist outdoor artist outdoor artist outdoor artist outdoor artist

Shame. SHAME! #MyArtBurn



We all know that success comes after overcoming adversity, and artists know that better than anyone! Whether you forgot to pack sunscreen or locked yourself out of your car, we want to hear about your funny, not-so-sunny experiences fine-tuning your outdoor art excursions! Where summer artistry meets blooper reel. That’s an art burn. What’s yours?

Here’s how to get your great stories to us!

***In the comments below and across your favorite social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) tell us your story and use the hashtag #MyArtBurn, and you could see your story published on our awesome website (like for reals)!***

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (Who doesn’t love when there is more?!)

By participating in #MyArtBurn, you immediately become qualified to receive two FREE copies of our special magazine, Outdoor Artist, just in time for your summer projects! Who knows—you might find the solutions to your painting outdoors issues. We sure did!


Again, to participate (come on, you know you want to!), comment below or tag us across social media with #MyArtBurn.


Cover of our Outdoor Artist special issue magazine!








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