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A Summer Adventure of Art Travel and Inspiration

When it comes to celebrating the best in watercolor, Splash 18 showcases gorgeous pieces from more than 100 artists. A lot of the works in the book this year made me want to get out there and feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. It’s definitely time for an art travel adventure.

You can enjoy a summer of art travel by going on your own adventures, or by flipping through Splash 18 and living vicariously through the gorgeous and inspiring pieces that are showcased in the book. Enjoy!

Traveling to New Places Through Watercolor

Summer always brings the desire to get outside. I’m sure we’re all feeling the itch to get out and travel and take in some sun instead of being cooped up in an office or studio!

Whether it’s sipping some coffee on a patio with the light streaming in, hunting for seashells on a sandy beach or wandering in a new city, summer is a time for exploration and art. These seven artists perfectly captured gorgeous moments outside:

Splash 18 | Afternoon Tea by Ronnie Rector

Afternoon Tea / Ronnie Rector
Transparent watercolor on rice paper / 24″ × 18″ (61cm × 46cm)

“I got exceptionally lucky with this painting as it was my first attempt at batik, and I patiently completed it in one very long day. … The final step, ironing off the wax, is like opening a present: What is revealed can be extremely joyous or just another pair of tube socks.”
– Ronnie Rector

Splash 18 | Under the Accademia by James Toogood

Under the Accademia / James Toogood
Watercolor on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed Arches / 22″ × 30″ (56cm × 76cm)

“This Venetian nocturne depicts a delicate quality of light and atmosphere unified by a ton of Phthalocyanine Blue…It was painted in the studio after several studies and two previous Venetian nocturnes.”
– James Toogood

Splash 18 | Available Seating by Donna Jill Witty

Available Seating / Donna Jill Witty
Transparent watercolor on 140-lb. (300gsm) cold-pressed Arches / 29″ × 19″ (74cm × 48cm)

“When I first came upon these glorious red umbrellas, it was late afternoon on a cloudy day. I need morning sun! Lots of sun! I was rewarded two days later. Returning with my camera, I found that by standing on a low wall I could manipulate the shadows to create an interesting composition.”
– Donna Jill Witty

Splash 18 | Among the Pieces by Richard P. Ressel

Among the Pieces / Richard P. Ressel
Transparent acrylic and watercolor on 140-lb. (300gsm) cold-pressed Fabriano Artistico / 18″ × 12″ (46cm × 30cm)

“I have always been fascinated with ordinary clamshells. … To create the texture of the sand, I built layers of color with repeated applications of block-out medium splattered in between.”
– Richard P. Ressel

Splash 18 | Fog on the Tiber: Rome by Thomas W. Schaller

Fog on the Tiber: Rome / Thomas W. Schaller
Watercolor on 140-lb. (300gsm) rough Saunders Waterford / 30″ × 22″ (76cm × 56cm)

“The use of a dynamic range of value is the most effective tool we have as artists to convey a sense of space and depth.”
– Thomas W. Schaller

Splash 18 | Market La Colmena – Barcelona by David L. Stickel

Market La Colmena – Barcelona / David L. Stickel
Watercolor on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed Arches / 22″ × 20″ (56cm × 51cm)

“As my wife and I were making our way to Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia (Gaudi’s) Cathedral, we spotted it: the large front window of La Colmena, one of Barcelona’s finest little pastry shops in the heart of the city! Not only did it have the most delicious-looking goodies on exhibit, it had everything my ‘compositional eye’ looks for in a window piece.”
– David L. Stickel

Splash 18 | Summer's Gift by Susan Crouch

Summer’s Gift / Susan Crouch
Transparent watercolor on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed Arches / 18″ × 26″ (46cm × 66cm)

“My photo reference was taken early one August morning amidst acres of sunflowers, each golden face with a personality of its own. Choosing my favorite flower was akin to choose a favorite child, but I decided to focus on this single backlit blossom.”
– Susan Crouch

To make your art travel journey fun and easy, try creating a travel sketchbook kit. You can grab it quickly and feel free to explore anywhere without lugging around a giant case of paints or pencils. Plus when inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready!

Ready to start that summer art travel now? Grab a copy of Splash 18 to take with you for even more watercolor inspiration. It’s available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or the North Light Shop. What would be your dream location to explore for the summer? Comment below!

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