Monday, June 12, 2017

AcrylicsWorks 5 Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 110 artists selected for North Light Books’ 2017 acrylics competition AcrylicWorks 5: Bold Values! If you see your name below, please check your email for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “AcrylicWorks 5 Winner Notification.”



First Name Last Name Title
Côtyne Martine Côté A mother Nature’s succession (Une relève pour dame nature)
Christine Alfery Falling Waters
Christine Alfery The General Sherman Tree – Sequoia National Park
Cher Anderson Fancy Feathers
Scott Anthony Sonoma Coast Bloom
Scott Anthony Tomales Barn
Angela Bandurka Pouring Peppermint
Chantel Barber Rising Above
Gabhan Berry Looking Back
Darien Bogart Keep Moving Forward
Henry Bosak Fleeting Beauty
Kim Brandon-Watson Bogie-Jumping(tryptic)
Susan Brandsema Wednesday Morning
William Brody Blue Sunday
David Caesar Sharleen – Arctic World Construction Scene #3
Laara Cassells “Jessica Ford and Lucrezia Panciatichi (after Agnolo Bronzino)”
Paul Chapman The Nature of Light: Ice Blue
Jean Cormier The Gillie
Ray-Mel Cornelius Fourplex
Laura Crabtree Hollenbeck Gene: Portrait of an Artist
Ron Craig Ron_Craig_Shop 11 Shipfitters
Lynne Cunningham City Looks Pretty to Me
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum To the Very Edge
shi dong Nostalgia
Edward DuRose Crossing the Bitterroot
Edward DuRose Teton Sunset
Nancy Eckels Autumn Whirl
Pamela Edevold Emeralds
Pamela Edevold Heart In His Hands
Marney-Rose Edge Unknown
wayne edwards Sunrise, Coles Beach Tasmania
Shannon Fannin 1959 Cadillac El Dorado
Debilynn Fendley Ghost Rider
Ellen Fuller Wood 1
Lynn Garwood Leaving
Lynn Garwood The Magic Shell
Shelley Gentry Windows to the Soul – Chimpanzee
Nancy Haley You Go Girl
Ray Hassard Morning after the Snowstorm
Jennifer Heine Steves’ Den
Kenneth Hershenson Jack of Diamonds
Kathy Hildebrandt More Reasons I Was Tardy
Randy Honerlah Emergence
Peggie Hunnicutt Kitchen Table Dalliance
Michelle Iglesias Tight Rope Walker
John Jaster Lady in the Mask
Jean Sbarra Jones Orange dress, beach, rocks
Jean Kalin Innocence
Valentin Katrandzhiev Caressed by the Sun
Kitty Kelly Iris – Messenger of the Gods
Kitty Kelly Teacher’s Pet
Diane Kline 24 Karate Gold
Bob Kling “Early Morning Floral Leaves”
Bob Kling A Pasture Landing
Katie Koenig Baseball and Peanuts
Aili Kurtis Effervescence
Deborah Leonard Crystal Blue Persuasion
TaiMeng Lim Blessed Presence
Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone Speaking Softly
Diana Madaras Girl on the Couch
Marissa Madonna Hair Piece
Yael Maimon Storm
Angela Martinez Maze of Straws
Jim Martinez Utility Pole
Darice Machel McGuire Honu At Rest
Catherine McMillan Nassau Street
Vickie McMillan Nose to the Ground
Vickie McMillan Rivalry
Thomas Mewborn Cloud Clipper 1
Lilianne Milgrom Le Rouge et le Noir
Thyra Moore A Posh Event
Andrew Morrison Chinatown Kaleidoscope
Andrew Morrison Soirée alla Prima
Timothy Mulligan Sacramento River #3
Timothy Mulligan West Coast Pier
Geoff Musseau Yes Buoy
Mike Nagatani A grand downtown
Mari O’BRIEN “Flame Dancer”
Kari OConnell Between Two Worlds
Sandrine Pelissier Slice of Life- Sisters
Bob Petillo Sedona
Anne Peyton Stepping Out
Anne Peyton The Boys
Tony Podue Philippe’s
Nancy Polsky Japanese Alley
Tricia Poulos Leonard Discovering a Hole in the Universe
Christina Ramos The Critic
Christina Ramos The Lookout
Scott Ramsay Mellow Yellow #1
Kathryn Repas Nora
April Rimpo Lanterns
April Rimpo Movement
Linda Rossin Big Sky Country
Linda Rossin Spring Celebration
John Schaeffer Ruby
Veronica Schmitt Bike Squad
Fred Schollmeyer Frozen Ford Fairlane
Dan Simoneau Who’s Next (#whosnext)
Jerry Smith Harbor Alliance
Carol Staub Desert Plateau
Robert Stebleton Florida Gators
Peggy Steffens Driving Desire
Robert Sweeny las ventanas de san miguel #2
Robert Sweeny oaxaca series #5
Jessica Tookey Be Free
Lorraine Ulen Storm Watch
Randy Van Dyck Bird Watch
Michael Wagner Bill
Pat Wagner Distant Gaze
Michael Wagner Floppy Hat
Marty Walker Alliance Bakery
Jingyi Wang Artificial nature
Henry Washington All About Line
Akiko Watanabe Golden Light
Lynn Welker Beneath Iron Mountain
David Wicks Blues and Boats
Steve Wilda Final Catch
Robert Winfree Family of Musk Ox
Dale Wolf Evening Snowfall in England
Yelena York Butterfly Effect
Marsha Zavez Blue Moon
Katia Zhukova Frances (PORTRAIT SERIES #5)


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