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Pastel Painting Demonstration | Michael Chesley Johnson Pastel Landscape

Pastel artist Michael Chesley Johnson shares the step-by-step pastel demonstration of Tobey’s Path (pastel, 11×14) in which he uses the newly released La Maison du Pastel “Petits Roché Neutrals” three sets and the Terry Ludwig “Shades of Nature” set to create a farm landscape. For more about the pastels, see the February 2016 issue of Pastel Journal, available in print or as a download, at, and on newsstands January 5.

Demonstration: Tobey’s Path
The La Maison du Pastel “Petits Roché Neutrals” sets and Terry Ludwig “Shades of Nature” set are well-suited to painting a muted landscape, such as this autumnal scene in Nova Scotia. I was particularly delighted with the harmonious color in each of the sets. The “Petits Roché Neutrals” provided a subtle shift from warm to cool for each of the color families found on the color wheel. The “Shades of Nature” pastels were similar in this respect, yet provided a richer color component.

Step 1:
I toned a sheet of Wallis sanded paper a dull red with PanPastel and a sponge applicator. I used a dark green Roché (6244) to sketch in my major shapes.

pastel-landscape-Michael-Chesley-Johnson-Tobeys-Path_demo1 |

Step 1


Step 2: I blocked in the darkest shapes with additional dark Roché pastels in the blue and green families (6244, 5944, 4845, 7415 and 9125). pastel-landscape-Michael-Chesley-Johnson-Tobeys-Path_demo2 |

Step 2


Step 3: I continued to block in the lighter shapes with mid-values and lights from Roché, especially blues and yellows (7418, 4726 and 4728).

pastel-landscape-Michael-Chesley-Johnson-Tobeys-Path_demo3 |

Step 3


Step 4: I moved to the Ludwig pastels, which were softer, to increase the richness of the field. I used yellow, green and violet (Y172, G732 and V443). I also noted my lightest, darkest and richest accents to give me an idea of my value and chroma range.

pastel-landscape-Michael-Chesley-Johnson-Tobeys-Path_demo4 |

Step 4


Step 5: Using both Roché and Ludwig pastels, I continued to paint with abandon, paying special attention to solidifying shapes, creating depth and looking for richness in the foreground for Tobey’s Path (on page 00).

pastel-landscape-Michael-Chesley-Johnson-Tobeys-Path_demo5 |

Step 5

Tobey’s Path

pastel-landscape-Michael-Chesley-Johnson-Tobeys-Path_demo6 |

Tobey’s Path (pastel, 11×14) by Michael Chesley Johnson


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