Saturday, December 12, 2015

Traces of Memory | Anna Wainright Pastel Landscapes

Landscapes can leave an indelible impression on the senses. The dampness of the fog, the warmth of the sun, the earthy smell of the forest, the sound of the wind. These qualities etch a memory of place that’s difficult to portray visually. Yet these fleeting aspects of nature are exactly what Anna Wainright strives to capture in her atmospheric, evocative pastel landscapes. “There’s something about nature, whether it’s the clouds, a beautiful sunset, a storm, crashing waves, or even just the isolation and quiet of the wetlands, that always draws me back,” the West Long Branch, N.J.-based artist says. “The sounds, the smells, the colors all make me want to somehow re-create what I remember.”

See more of Wainright’s pastel landscapes and learn more about her intuitive painting style in the February 2016 issue of Pastel Journal, available in print or as a download at, and on newsstands January 5.


pastel-landscape-Anna-Wainright-TheStand |

The Stand (pastel) by Anna Wainright

pastel-landscape-Anna-Wainright-Freshwater |

Freshwater (pastel) by Anna Wainright

pastel-landscape-Anna-Wainright-Dusk-After-the-Snow |

After the Snow (pastel) by Anna Wainright

pastel-landscape-Anna-Wainright-Morning-Glory |

Morning Glory (pastel) by Anna Wainright

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