Thursday, March 17, 2016

Acrylic Artist Toolkit – Marcia Burtt

The spring issue of Acrylic Artist includes in-depth information on several acrylic artists, including their painting techniques and life as working artists. Wanting to learn even more about these fascinating artists, we asked them to give us a look into their toolkit. Here is what acrylic artist Marcia Burtt has in her toolkit:

Quiet Evening on the Slough Acrylic Artist Marcia Burtt

Quiet Evening on the Slough, acrylic artist Marcia Burtt

Brushes: Isacryl brushes by Isabey. You should have at least one large (1” or wider, about a #16) quality brush. I like brights and filberts because they are short and stiff; I like to carve shapes with their thin edges. For your smallest brushes, buy flats rather than brights or filberts.
Canvas: Linen-covered panels by New Traditions
Easel: The original half box Julian French easel.
Fishing Tackle Box– Buy a fishing tackle box (NOT an art bin) with molded dividers–one compartment for each color. The molded dividers are important because paint can leak from one compartment to another if the dividers are the slip-in kind. Buy a box that forms a groove where the lid closes over the bottom. This is superior to a simple lid, which may allow moisture to escape too quickly. Currently I like Plano model 6103-93
Palette: Two pieces of foam board or cardboard cut to fit inside the box of the French easel.
Paint: Golden Heavy Body Acrylics
Colors: cadmium yellow light cadmium yellow medium cadmium orange pyrrole orange pyrrole red primary magenta Hooker’s green historic hue chrome oxide green permanent green light dark turquois (NOT turquoise, which has white in it) cobalt blue dioxazine purple violet oxide titanium white


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