Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Acrylic Artist’s Toolkit—Darlene McElroy

The spring issue of Acrylic Artist includes in-depth information on several acrylic artists, including their painting techniques and life as working artists. Wanting to learn even more about these fascinating artists, we asked them to give us a look inside their toolkit. Here is what acrylic artist Darlene McElroy has in her toolkit:

Lucky In Love Acrylic Artist Darlene Olivia McElroy

Lucky In Love (mixed media on panel, 8.75×36)

Brushes – I use cheap acrylic brushes from art and craft stores. I work the brushes hard so I do not need anything expensive.
Canvas – Ampersand panels
Easel – I work flat on my tables
Etching/Scraping tools/Mark Making Tools – Chisel point color shapes (my favorite), porcupine quills and my fingernails.
Gels – Coarse molding paste, soft gel gloss, fiber paste
Glass Beads – I use micro beads for highlights or tone on tone glitter on occasion
Matte Medium – I work with gloss until I am done then I decide on my final finish. I usually use the Golden MSA spray satin.
Palette – Styrofoam plates because I can use them as stamps and/or cut them up for collage elements.
Paints – Golden and Atelier brands.
Colors – quinacridone nickel, azo gold, red oxide, titan buff, carbon black and any and all metallic.

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