Thursday, March 17, 2016

Acrylic Artist Toolkit – Steve Wilda

The spring issue of Acrylic Artist includes in-depth information on several acrylic artists, including their painting techniques and life as working artists. Wanting to learn even more about these fascinating artists, we asked them to give us a look into their toolkit. Here is what acrylic artist Steve Wilda has in his toolkit:

Honed to Imperfection Acrylic Artist

Honed to Imperfection, acrylic art by Steve Wilda.

Brushes – Royal & Langnickel mini MAJESTIC and Robert Simmons synthetic brushes
Canvas – Ampersand gessobord
Desk/Easel – I never used an easel. I work on my office desk, the board raised 1.25 inches and this slides under the IMac which I use for viewing reference photographs.
Etching/Scraping tools/Mark Making tools: Royal Sovereign Ltd Colour Shapers
Matte Medium – Sennelier matte medium
Palette – Acryl-a-Miser
Paint – Sennelier acrylics: raw umber, Sennelier brown, graphite, yellow ochre, burnt green earth, parchment and titan buff.

{Check out our bonus interview with Steve Wilda- We discus his painting, Honed to Imperfection, pictured above.}

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