Thursday, March 17, 2016

Acrylic Artist Toolkit – Alexandra Eldridge

The spring issue of Acrylic Artist includes in-depth information on several acrylic artists, including their painting techniques and life as working artists. Wanting to learn even more about these fascinating artists, we asked them to give us a look into their toolkit. Here is what acrylic artist Alexandra Eldridge has in her toolkit:

Lucid Dreaming, Alexandra Eldridge, Acrylic Artist

The lady in Lucid Dreaming (found text and acrylic on board, 40×30) is obviously awake, eyes wide open, taking in all that swirls within the dreaming mind.

Brushes: I am using inexpensive brushes from the paint store. I am rough on them so brushes such as Fine Touch brushes work well.
Glazing: Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid to thin my paints. I also mix water with either Mixol or Guerra liquid pigments for my watercolor effects.
Medium: Either Behr’s venetian plaster or house paints from Sherwin-Williams to Ralph Lauren. Also Golden acrylics and Utrecht gesso.
Surface: I have my masonite or wood panels made by a local frame maker and occasionally will buy Ampersand Claybord panels from Dick Blick.
Tools: For applying venetian plaster, Behr makes a trowel-like tool to go along with the Behr venetian plaster.
Varnishes: I use either Golden MSA or Golden polymer.

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